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Surgery hours

As a Sole Trader (nothing to do with fish), I can offer appointments/pick-ups/deliveries to suit you, the next of kin. My normal "office" hours are 9 am to 5 pm from Monday till Friday, except 12.30 - 1.30 when I have lunch. However, I realise that most of you have normal office hours so I frequently arrange appointments out with the above times.


My call-out fee, call it a minimum charge, is £36 regardless of service or day of the week.  This also includes the first hour, so if it takes me 5 minutes to reconfigure something that gets your PC up and running, the rest of the hour is yours.  After that, I charge £6 per 10 minutes (or part thereof). Clearly this would not include the cost of any replacement parts.

The 3 H's

Someone asked me what I would do if I came across a problem that I couldn't fix?  Well, that could happen.  In a previous life, I tended to draw upon the 3 H's: Honesty, Humility and Humour. Admittedly, I have to make a living and squander the proceeds on food, heating and the odd Chinese meal, but not at the expense of my patients.  If I can't fix anything, I won't replace a working component and bluff my way through with techno-babble (yes, I've seen that done before).  All work that I carry out will involve a detailed description of what, why and how.  If I can't fix anything, I'll let you know and - where possible - recommend someone who might be more specialised.